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School Promotional Videos that emote,  that drive engagement, that enforce your brand message, that reach out to your alumni; these are the kinds of videos where quality does matter.

Affixxius Films, based in the UK, is the leading producer of promotional, advertising, recruitment and communications films for schools, colleges and universities globally.

As an above-the-line tool to drive engagement, films for schools have historically been recreating the same dry montage of ‘A Day in the Life’ or drone shots above roofs, accompanied by the Head of School under a leafy tree on the lawn speaking directly to the camera about what a fabulous school it is and how many acres it boasts.

Move away from a ‘Talking Heads’ video and be a Storyteller! High brands do this and would always do so with film way before they think of any other marketing collateral like web or print – the film dictates the tone and concept, and the rest should follow…

The power of emotion and storytelling is fast becoming the greatest tool in the marketeers’ toolbox. We have all watched films and visuals that make us laugh, make us cry or make us think and we are true believes that there is no greater way of engaging an audience on an emotional level than through the use of film, especially in the context of School Promotional videos.

Along with being technicians, strategists and communicators, the team at Affixxius are, first and foremost, storytellers. Schools colleges and universities all have their own subtly different story to tell to a wide range of stakeholder and audiences and it’s our job task is to bring that story to life.

To reinforce we know what we are talking about in this arena, we’ve made a film that shows the power of creativity in school video production if done correctly: –


To see more of the work we do for our School clients across the world, check out our Education Sector portfolio:

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