We were approached by Sony Professional to create a video that promoted their TEOS system and its capabilities. With this in mind, the Affixxius team created a concept that brought a little magic to the TEOS system, which we achieved by adding a powerful audio, and shaping the edit around it. We used the theme tune from Fantasia, to provide drama with the idea of things bursting into life, like that of the original film. Obviously instead of working with household appliances, this video showcased the animation of sleek and colourful visuals, with the imagery of it all coming to life through the finger tips of the IT/AV Manager. Really emphasising the tag and message of, control is power when using this system.

We obviously set out to make this video fun, by animating everything in time with the chosen track, something we felt was very important to its entire delivery. However, we wanted to make sure we kept everything in line with Sony’s overall marketing message, providing the audience with the options available when using the TEOS system. Then finally, we added a touch of comedy to humanise the entire video, making it relatable and entertaining, but still keeping it informative.

If you haven’t seen it yet, please do take a look at the final creation below.