At Affixxius we’ve always preached the theory, that when it comes to video content, (or any online content for that matter) quality is better than quantity every time. A great example of this was tweeted by @TheNikkoTan who works for the Atlanta Falcons’ social, revealing their Instagram stats. In a nutshell, they published 60% fewer posts over 2017 than they did in 2016 but achieved a 243% increase, on average, in ‘likes’ and increased the quality of their output over that period.


There’s so much content online these days, that marketing and social media departments often feel compelled to feed the ever hungry social machine. However, to truly get interaction, before you hit the share button you need to ask yourself, will they want to see this and what will they gain from this content? We must get three briefs a week with the, ‘Dollar Shave Club’ video as a reference clip, the reason this video has got the traction it has is because it was, firstly, willing to take a risk and secondly, not swamped with another video to distract the audience.

We’re now beginning to see a worrying trend where most briefs stipulate a huge volume of video to be produced in a very short period of time. Often this will be requested without any justification other than it being part of their company KPIs or yearly targets. These projects therefore usually suffer in quality, understandably because there’s no time to make it to the best it can be, and it can also become expensive due to producing so much of it.


In our many years of video production and video marketing experience, we tend to advise clients that it’s better to be known as the company that puts out fun, creative content once a month, than the one that puts out spam every day. It comes back to the question – what are your viewers gaining from that content?

There’s no doubt that the Atlanta Falcons have enough to share on a daily basis to fill your feed with content, however, as they’ve proven, by giving your audience that added quality and always keeping an eye out for upcoming trends, the rewards will always be far, far greater. Moral of the story? It goes back to the old but relevant saying, less is more. By producing high-quality, marketable video content, you’ll be giving your target market the opportunity to be presented with a question with a clear call to action. Ultimately meaning they’re far more likely to engage, buy your product and become a loyal follower of your business.