What type of videos can you make?

The use of video for businesses is the hottest marketing trend right now, it’s everywhere, and everyone is talking about it. So chances are, you’ve landed on this page because you’re either wanting to make a video, or you’re simply interested in what your video options are. Hopefully this will guide to what you want to create.

There are so many options to the kind of video you can make, but often people don’t really think outside the box with it and explore all that a video can deliver. Many will opt for a video because it’s easy to make or it’s cheap, and the result will obviously reflect that. A video is a big commitment, and it can be something that can turn heads and drive more traffic to your business or organisation, of course, if it’s done right.

Here at Affixxius we have created award-winning video content, and been part of everything from internal communications to big global awareness campaigns. Below is a list of the variety of video creations we’ve made, in the various categories available.

Product films

TV adverts

Marketing films

Process films

Awareness campaign films

Brand Films

TV Adverts

Short-form Video Content

Behind the scenes



The best way to decide on the sort of video you want to create is to look at your marketing objective. What is your goal in using a video? A lot of people create content, for contents sake but it doesn’t do much, so what is the point in making it? A video is a business investment, so making your marketing message clear is very important. It might be that you’re looking to explain to your audience how your business works, so you may benefit from a process video in animation form. Or you could be wanting to do a big awareness campaign, highlighting the importance of what you do and offer. There are numerous options, but it’s about selecting your marketing objective clearly at the start and building your story from ther